Finally decorated my new cube

Another day at the office
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Weight-bearing, structurally-unsound prototype

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Addictive little shits πŸ˜–πŸ˜ I was slowly dying trying to figure out the best way to use up my fresh beet pickings from yesterday - it’s been a one year relationship between this delightful vegetable and I πŸ’ and let me tell you - these purply pink beauties are unreal 😍 I’m getting a sugar rush just thinking about it. Or maybe that’s from eating all of em in a single shot πŸ™Š Beetroot Lemon Macaroons of life is what I call them. I thought maybe after running 8km in this crazy humid weather I would have a couple then save the rest for the bike ride I’m planning later but ohhhh noooooo πŸ™ˆ they’re gone. Yep. Literally taste like heaven on earth. ➑️ Ingredients: coconut into coconut butter, maple syrup, lemon, beets, pinch of sea salt, more coconut. Mix mix mix mix. Roll into balls. Dehydrate. Full recipe will be posted shortly once I calm down. πŸ˜…

Well they should be called beetballs

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to an extent, i am scared, nervous, unfamiliar, pre-judgemental, unaware, against others…

to an extent i am…

…and however much i am each of those, it is too much to be acceptable.

the greatest strides i’ve made in personal development have been through experiences and immersion in what my aversion was based on. however, that is only possible to a certain degree; i can’t truly experience or immerse myself in the lives of female, non-white, religious, LGBTQ, poor, and overweight people. simply having friends in each of these groups doesn’t make me understand. Β 
i can’t understand.
but i’ll be dammed if i don’t try.
and if i know you or not, and you catch me doing anything regressive, call me out right then and there.
educate me.
i want to be a better person.

(i’m tagging this a lot so it gets visibility and doesn’t exist as a personal indulgence that nobody sees, and thus contains no accountability)Β 

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